Genevieve Bell - It's time to open the conversation between Computer Science and other disciplines.

Dr. Genevieve Bell, Director of the Interaction and Experience Research Group, Intel Corporation.

One of the strengths of Intel is that it hires some of the most incredibly smart and interesting people in the world. One of the best part of my job is that I get to talk with them on my Teach Parallel show.

My recent guest, Dr. Genevieve Bell, certainly fits both smart-- Stanford PhD, Intel Fellow etc. and interesting-- a senior level cultural anthropologist in a company full of CS and Engineering PhDs. She is also an engaging and funny person.
Genevieve joined Intel in 1998, just when computers were really starting to leave the office and become part of everyday life. As has been true with any important technology, the tool changes the user at least as much as the user changes the tool. Genevieve’s insights into how folks in differing cultures & locations lived with technology, the stories she collected, were critical in helping Intel understand, adapt to and plan for this new world.

Genevieve talks about her meeting with Computer Scientists around the world. She offers a challenge to professors and department heads, "It is absolutely a call for Computer Scientists to think about who is in dialogue with your department." She feels that we need to expand co-teaching across departments as well as across disciplines. Hear more in her interview above.

Find out more about Genevieve by reading her blogs here.

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This interview was recorded August 30, 2011
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