Welcome to the vPro Developer Community!

We couldn't be any happier to announce our new vPro Developer Community.  We've taken all the best of the Manageability & Security Community and added some new technologies and features, all under the vPro umbrella.  If you previously came to the community to get information or help with AMT, don't worry.  We still have all the stuff that we used to have.  If you came here for AES-NI or Random Number Generation support, it's all still here too.  But you'll also find information about Anti-theft, Identity Protection Technology and other technologies that are all a part of vPro platforms.

You'll notice that we've grouped the content into three areas: Manageability, Security and Power-efficient Performance, the pillars of vPro platforms.  Under each of these pillars you'll find the information and tools that you'll need to help with your enabling efforts.  Take a tour around the sight and if you can't find something that you previously used, drop us a note in the It Would be Great if... blog post.  We're looking to you to help us get this community just the way you like it.

Also - we're excited to announce our new bi-weekly ISNTV show, Down to Business.  Episode 1 features Lisa Watts, director of ecosystem enabling, and me having a quick chat about the new community.  Go ahead and take a look by clicking here. Use the previously mentioned blog post to let us know your thoughts on the new show.
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