Parallel JavaScript*

We introduced Parallel JavaScript* at IDF during Justin Rattner's keynote. Brendan Eich was on stage for the unveiling.

Learn more at The repository for the ParallelArray abstraction for JavaScript and a Firefox add-on to enable parallel programming in JavaScript targeting multicore processors and vector SSE/AVX instructions is at


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well parallel java script is the best one in jquery application

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Wonderful post ! In this post, it has described the property and uses of the java-script . I know that it is the client side scripting code . It know that it is the object based programming language . I know that it is the mostly used in the website design .Thanks for sharing the information .

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I would like to know where can Intel's open source code for Parallel JS be found?

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I download this version, but have a problem:

In your examples are used jslib. I gone to:
and downloaded this file: but in your your code "resize-demo.html" are using these files:
* ParallelArray.js
* jsdefs.js
* jslex.js
and so on...

Do you know where can download these files?
Thanks for your help!

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This is very good!! work with images! videos! so on!
Let's go to work it!!

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