The Technology and Vision for Using the Arts to Help People

Sometimes I feel like I am living in the the strangest, ”most interesting” time of my life. It is certainly a challenging time!

So it was a real treat to attend an inspiring event, one full of attendees and speakers that were intent on using the arts to promote and do good things. I attended one panel discussion populated with people who were successful in doing just that. The event was, “State of the Arts:producing Change” put on by the Center for Conscious Creativity and co sponsored by The Producers Guild of America and the Millennium Project.   Kate McCallum the Co founder of C3:Vision Lab played a big part in organizing the event. I have known Kate for a number of years and I am always impressed with the strength of her vision and her ability to pull people and finances together to create an organization that puts on successful, inspiring seminars and conferences. On the C3 website this conference is described as, "very special event that explores the world of E-lanthropy -- a place where art, storytelling, philanthropy, technology, science, social networking and more come together in new and exciting ways to make the world a better place. Learn from some of the most influential people in the industry".

The first person to speak on the panel I attended was Jerome Glenn, the Executive Director of the Millennium Project a global futurist think tank. It is an impressive non profit organization of futurists, scholars, business planners and policy makers. Besides outlining the challenges facing mankind Jerome Glenn wanted everyone to know that there was hope, that in many areas of trouble mankind was winning. For example he said there are less wars now than any other time in recent history. He emphasized that we must remain vigilant because there were still many ways in which mankind could be derailed.

 Marc Levy, Creator and Producer of “Circle Up Now”,  was a particularly impressive speaker showing a series of aerial photography shots from all over the globe of crowds of people in formations creating art images.

Recent images include people forming a portrait of Martin Luther King with the words, keep the dream alive. 1200 people showed up in Santiago Chile to create a human whale. The formation of these human images creates a spirit of activism in the participants and well as serving to publicize a cause. Art is thus mixed with activism and education. Industry specialists figure out the best ways to promote these causes and images across a wide spectrum of platforms. A number of wonderful human images can be found on their website.

Another speaker who talked about using multiple platforms now available to us for activism and raising funds for good causes was, Tim Kring the creator of the Heroes TV series. He talked of building libraries and creating scholarships with multi platform story telling. His latest project was “ Conspiracy for Good”. He described it as creating a narrative using the archetypes of good and evil that people could insert themselves into in a variety of ways. It was an “augmented reality drama” game funded and technologically- enabled by Nokia. It involved over 100 people in production teams in 5 different countries. It culminated with 4 weeks of live events and game play in the streets of London.

Other panelists were Richard Cummings Jr., Kathy Eldon and Elizabeth Huttinger all also doing amazing things with the arts for social good and change.

The venue was held at the Center Studios downtown Los Angeles. Afterward Ed Lantz, owner of Vortex Immersion Studios and one of the participants in the event hosted a music and art showing in his  Vortex Dome on a roof patio at the Center Studios. On a regular basis Ed has been providing his dome to artists hoping to create a creative community of artist and musicians inspired by immersive environments such as the Vortex domes. This is a real service to the artistic community. Mary Duda, CEO and president of Virtue Play a company that produces positive games for people also provided the opportunity for people to try out a new interactive game that involved navigating around the surface of the moon.


I will be participating in an event "Migrations" at the Vortex Dome in the Center Studios on Nov. 6, 2011.  I will be creating the art projected onto the dome while composers, singers and musicians perform. For more information go to where you can find out about the event.

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