These are your 2011 Faces of Parallelism...

  The "Faces of Parallelism" lab and contest at last week's Intel Developer Forum 2011 went quite well. There were 87 people that stopped by during the four hour lab time to try out one or more of the Intel® Parallel Building Blocks (Intel® PBB) libraries.

A bonus portion of the lab was the opportunity to run the Intel® PBB lab code on the Intel® Many Integrated Core Architecture (Intel® MIC). After testing one of the programming models, a select few went the extra mile and learned how easy it was (little or no code changes required) to port specified computations over to an Intel® MIC-enabled platform.

The other big part of the lab was a contest to win an Internet TV for putting together a video or written statement about how the programming model tested would benefit the participant in their daily work. A panel of judges looked over the entries that came in and awarded a prize to one contestant from each of the four lab choices. The winners are:

Intel® Array Building Blocks: Dick Brown

Intel® Cilk Plus: Tom Ratcliffe

Intel® Threading Building Blocks: Emmanuel Lopez

Intel® Many Integrated Core Architecture: Joe Dougherty

Congratulations to all of the winners! And a big "Thank You" for all the other lab/contest participants. I hope you got something out of your chance to test some of the PBB programming models (even if it wasn't a big prize).

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