The slings and arrows of outrageous fortune?

I knew this day was coming, but you're never prepared for it.

I was in Portland, OR, for an internal Intel conference. Before the meeting got started, I arrived early and decided to browse Powell's Books. The technical store's location has changed and the name seems to now be Powell's #2, so I wanted to see what that was like.

Imagine my delight to find two copies of The Art of Concurrency on the shelf. As I pulled one off the shelf, I glanced at the back and got very sad. The copy I held in my hand was used. Someone had bought the book and then gave it up. The other copy was also a used version.

My wife tried to cheer me up when I told her about it. Powell's Books must still see some value in selling my book. She pointed out that I didn't find these copies in the FREE box.


Maybe it's time to start writing a new book.
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