Intel System Defense Utility v2.0.5

Intel System Defense Utility

I just got word that Intel System Defense Utility (ISDU) version 2.0.5 got posted on the Intel web site. For people who don't know, ISDU is a simple Intel AMT management console that ships with Intel Executive Series Motherboards and also available freely online. The tool is intended to allow people to start using the Intel AMT features when they get an Intel board with it. In this new version we made many updates, below are some of the changes since the last version that was published, v2.0.1. This is the list taken from the readme.txt file.

A few of the ones I like is improved large font support, because it did not look right on high DPI displays, and support small displays such as Netbooks. Some will wonder why you would run this Intel AMT tool on a Network, but actually it makes lots of sense. You use this tool to manage other Intel AMT systems, not your own, and having it on a very mobile device makes it easy to move around and use when you need it.

Like the last version, ISDU has support for, and so, it's possible to connect to and manage Intel AMT computers over the Internet. I find that having it both run on a Netbook and being able to manage over the Internet makes it a really powerful tool for the mobile IT administrator.

By the way, I welcome feedback on this tool. I perform maintenance on it from time to time and suggestions and feedback is appreciated.


Following changes are made in Version 2.0.4

1) Added support for HTTP proxy within the mesh agent.
2) Changed to use new IMRSDK calling conventions.
3) Added debug dialog box. Press CTRL-F3 in ISDU, then select "Debug Information..." in Help menu.
4) Added complete debug logging for SOL and IDER redirection, shows up in debug dialog.
5) Added CVS support in debug form. Allows users to record and save the debug state for improved bug fixing.
6) Updated Mesh Agent with improved KVM and remote CTRL-ALT-DEL support.
7) Fixed a problem with IMRSDK.dll would not be initialized correctly.
8) Updated help file, added Intel Setup and Provisioning topic.
9) Added Motherboard serial number in asset tab.

Following changes are made in Version 2.0.3

1) Fixed more UI lockup when clicking on connected system in device tree & fix BIOS version display.
2) Updated IMRSDK.dll and IMRSDK_64.dll to the latest version in Intel AMT SDK 7.0.
3) Fixed UI re-sizing bugs and improved display of current power state.
4) If Serial-over-LAN fails to connect, error message reminds user to enabled SOL and redirection port.
5) KVM password box turned orange when attempting to set an invalid KVM password.
6) Improved Windows XP style "large font" support. Title bar and graphics now display correctly.
7) Fixed exception when a computer was operated on after being discovered using network scanning.

Following changes are made in Version 2.0.2

1) Improved the remote control tab and fixed issues related to performing remote control operations.
2) Improved remote control threading, user interface does not lockup as much as before.
3) Fixed various exceptions errors.


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