- Remote WMI support added

Well, here is an interesting new feature... I just added remote Windows Management Interface (WMI) support in This allows a web developer to execute WMI queries from Javascript to a mesh Windows computer on any private network over the Internet. Right now, support is quite bare bones, but this capability can be used in the future to support lots of interesting usages. First, by default this feature is off, so you need to enable in by using MeshConnector and adding the "Remote Management" permission flag to your mesh policy. Once on, you can go to the main device page of any windows computer and you will see a "WMI" link at the bottom.

When you click this link, it allows you to manually type in any WMI query and get the response back from this computer. You can query anything from the version of the operating system, free space on disks to the IRQ of each hardware device. In the future, I expect to use this feature to create much richer web applications that can manage different aspects of a Windows computer, all from the web. For now, I just put or a raw interface so I could test the feature out.

I am also working on a new Javascript API for Meshcentral. It's basically a Javascript library called "meshcentral.js" that allows web developers to build rich management applications all from a web page. I am just getting started with it, but it seems like it's going to be amazingly powerful. No to mention there are many Javascript developers now, and serving that community is going to be great. I am writing documentation of this API for future release.


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