- Improved Apple IPad support

Ever since I got my own iPad2, by the way, It's name is "PAD!" but you have to say it just right. So anyway, I have been testing on many browsers including the iPad. Since there is no hardware keyboard, this causes a problem with some pages, notably the web based remote desktop and remote terminal. In both cases, you need to get the keyboard on the screen when you want to start typing things, and strangely, there is no JavaScipt API to pop-up or hide the soft keyboard. In up until now, I had a text box on the top right the user could select, this would cause the keyboard to pop-up. Sadly, I never found this solution elegant. You have to know to press on the text box when you need it.

Well, since I added support for noVNC, the Javascript based VNC client. I found they have a nice solution and so, adopted a similar approach. In the new version of the site released today, there is now a little keyboard button (A picture of 5 keys on top top right). When pressed, it places the focus on a tiny invisible textbox, the same textbox I had before. I think this is more elegant. You get a nice looking icon to press. Latest iPad screenshot below.

I also fixed a lot of small details today, handling of special characters in file names in the remote file browser, better layout on some sub-forms and placing the focus on the right control when you move into a new form, etc. Just lots of little things that make everything work a little better.


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