News from Dr. Fortran - Intel's Steve Lionel Discusses Newly Released Fortran Studio XE 2011 - Parallel Programming Talk #128

Dr. Fortran (aka Intel's Steve Lionel), who is a friend of this show, dropped in on Clay and Kathy to discuss what we think is good news - the release of Fortran Studio XE 2011. Below the video are some notes and links that I think you will find useful.

It’s time for Parallel Programming Talk – this is show #128 We’ll be talking with friend of the show, Steve Lionel – Otherwise known as Dr. Fortran in a few minutes.
2. SC11 is only a few weeks away. I guess that might be why there isn’t much new these past few weeks. I guess everyone is saving all the cool hardware and software announcements for the conference. Clay, I know the TOP500 list will be released at SC11. Any bets on what will be in the #1 slot?
CLAY: I’d go with the current #1 system, the K Computer from Japan. It’s got too much of a performance lead to be overtaken in 6 months. Plus, it wasn’t completed when the last reported measurements were taken.

Kathy: We’d like to hear from you – do you have a show idea, a listener question or do you have a prediction about who will be on the TOP500 list? Clay, what’s the best way for our viewers to let us know what they’re thinking?

Clay: They can send us email at

And now it’s time for our guest Steve Lionel – It’s good to have you back again. Before we get to our subject Fortran – can you tell us a little bit about yourself for our new viewers.

Thanks Steve I understand there is some very good news for Fortran Developers.

• What is Fortran Studio XE 2011? What has there been in the past?
• Are there any new features that were not available before?
• Are there any differences between Fortran Studio XE 2011 and the Parallel Studio XE 2011 products?
• What version of Fortran is supported?
• Where can Fortran programmers get more information about Fortran Studio XE 2011?

If you have comments, questions, suggestions for guests or show topics that you think would be of interest, we’d love to hear from you. Send us an email with your thoughts to

Remember, programming genius is one percent inspiration, ninety-nine percent parallelism.

About or Guest

Steve Lionel -

My life in an online community began on the PLATO IV system in 1974, continued on ARPANET in the late 1970s, CompuServe and then this newfangled Internet tube-thingy. I joined Intel in 2001 coming from DEC/Compaq where I was a Fortran compiler developer. Nowadays I focus more on the support and "evangelizing" side of things, including my "Doctor Fortran" column which I started in 1998 and which I suppose could be considered a blog. I've been in the same office in Nashua, New Hampshire, since 1988, but I'm on my third company badge. Outside of work I like to read science fiction, build web sites and travel.
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