Understanding Intel's Android 4.0 x86 Optimizations- What AnandTech has explained

Last week, I attended Android Developer Conference ( AnDevConII) at San Francisco, and had chance to get shocked by Google's latest Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich (ICS) demoed by two Google senior Engineers Chet Haase and Romain Guy. The title of their keynote is "Android  Awesomeness". It is indeed Awesomeness! Chet and Romain somehow figured out using a special adapter and a mini HDMI cable to display their ICS phone on large screen. And during the keynote, Chet and Romain joked at jealious App developers who despearately wanted an ICS phone that  I have three ICS's here, your guys has none!

In many classes during the 4-day conference,  a lot of developers asked about Android for x86. The most commonly agreed answers by those developers are simple and straight forward: " Are there any Android device powered with Intel chip (x86) in the market? Not yet, at least not one sold in large scale except Logitec/Google TV"; then it comes to the 2nd questions " are there any Android for x86 phone or tablet coming to the market in future? A lot  agreed: Yes, probablly a lot!"

So it has been said that ICS has been optimized for Intel x86, then what are those optimization? AnandTech has a  artilce that give some clues: Understanding Intel's Android 4.0 x86 Optimizations. Just read on!!
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what is the meaning of x86, as i know ,,my current PC processor also x86. i don't know the meaning of it, but does it sounds that android divice also powered with same power or same technology or something ?

Android is really cool .... I truly appreciate features and applications offered by it

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