Intel System Defense Utility - Tech10 Video!

Intel System Defense Utility

As some of your may already know, I have been working on the side on maintaining and improving the Intel System Defense Utility (ISDU). It's an easy to use simple Intel AMT management console that is given for free on the Intel web site and comes with Intel Executive Series motherboards, that is, Intel motherboards that support Intel Active Management Technology (Intel AMT). A few weeks back, I was invited to tape another episode of Tech10, the Intel manageability web show to talk about ISDU. We discuss various topics, for example, many will not know that ISDU will automatically adapt to small displays like Netbooks, so you can manage your Intel AMT computers from your own, very portable Netbook.

The video is on YouTube at:

Once again, I have to thank Michele Gartner (front of camera) and Daniel Brunton (Producer, camera & editing) for putting this together. Michele is the community manager over at the Intel vPro Expert Center.

If you have an Intel AMT computer and have not tried ISDU yet, give it a shot, it's available here.


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