WMI: Provider Not Found

Do you have a system that you believe is Intel® AMT capable and you are trying to run the WMI samples but are getting an error?  Here are some tips on how to make sure your systems *is* Intel AMT capable and is also capable of running the WMI samples supported by the WMI Provider.

1.  Download and run the SCS Discovery Tool  in a CMD window: 

  • >SCSDiscovery.exe /Output file test.xml SystemDiscovery /NoRegistry
  • test.xml will be a debug file - look for another file named with the FQDN of your computer.  Here is a snippet of the xml file and some of the key fields to look for:

  • IsAMTSupported should be "True"
  • AMTSKU should be Full AMT Manageability (possibly, but that's another discussion...)
  • There should be an MEI version and it should be enabled
  • The major AMT version number should be the same as for the MEI Driver version (here it is 7)

If your system supports Intel AMT then you can proceed to step number 2.

2. Go into your Computer Management and look under the Services and Applications.  You should see a "WMI Control" entry.  If you right-click on that you can get the properties.  Go into the Security Tab, expand "Root" and you should see "Intel_ME".  If you see that, then the MEProv.dll was included in your system build  and it will support the WMI Provider APIs.

If you do not see the Intel_ME namespace then the MEProv.dll which allows access to the WMI Provider classes is not part of your OS installation.  If it is there then you should be able to go to where the WMI samples are in the SDK:  <SDK ROOT>/Windows/Intel_AMT/Samples/WMI and type in the following from a CMD window:
> cscript SystemProperties.vbs 

Does this command execute successfully?

The WMI Provider (MEProv.dll)  is optional for OEMs to provide as part of their OS installation and on their support site.  If this is the case for your system, you will not have the option of using the WMI provider classes and your access to the MEI driver would be to use the API's documented in the AMT SDK (very limited set of APIs).

In order to find systems that support Intel AMT you might find this blog helpful - it outlines all the components that a processor and platform must have in order to be Intel AMT capable.  Also check out the ARK site for any updates that did not make into the blog.

I hope this blog helps!

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