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**Disclaimer:  This blog is very old and may not be relevant anymore.  It lives for historical purposes.  For up-to-date information about Intel vPro Technology, visit the Business Client Home Page.  (June 2013)

I'm playing around with knowledgebase providers. Tell me what you think about this and if it is useful. Also let me know if you want to participate in adding articles to it.

Here is a handy link to my My Intel vPro Knowledge Base

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Gael! you have absolutely done a great job. I have read it and found it quite useful for me. Hope to see that you will keep placing more and more in future to help us in this matter. You can get such issues via

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Love this idea - this is a fantastic start and will be a favorite for developers seeking info on vPro umbrella technologies that encompass security, virtualization, and Manageability

Great work!

Bob Chesebrough

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Hi Gael,
I think is useful. 14 articles is definitely a great starting point!

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