Taking a look at Intel Anti Theft & Identity Protection Technologies

I wanted to start a new blog introducing myself in a new role at Intel. As part of my new role I will be explaining Intel’s Security, Manageability, and Virtualization features to a broad base of ISV’s through our scale enabling team and associated platform communities.

In my new role, I have been learning about many of Intel’s security technologies and am excited about bringing these technologies to light in my blogs, and Intel Software Network TV.

To see why I am excited, and a little daunted with my new tasks, take a look at a couple of clips of Mooly Eden at Intel’s recent Intel Developer Conference. These technologies are amazing ,…but there is so much ground that they span! The first clip showcases Intel’s Anti Theft technologies (starting at 31:10 mark and ending at 34:57). Here Mooly invited McAfee co president, Todd Gebhart, to the stage to discuss McAfee’s Anti Theft which allows a user to lock their laptop or even wipe their data by issuing a poison pill in the event that their laptop is stolen. Then Mooly introduced a new technology called Intel Identity Protection Technology (IPT) . To showcase this technology, Mooly had a hacker, garbed in a ninja costume, attempt to use a key logger and frame grabbing software to attempt to hack, demo presenter, Mark’s bank transaction. In this amazing clip, the hacker successfully grabs the username and password to Mark’s bank account, using a nefarious keylogger. BUT – the hacker cannot capture or generate a third authentication token which has been set up between Mark & his bank. The hacker is thwarted from any mischievous activity by IPT. Using this IPT technology, a random layout pin pad is generated and displayed to Mark, which allows Mark to send an additional credential to the bank in order to authenticate the transaction. Mark’s bank account is safe! See this part of the clip at 35:08 to 38:44. If you want to learn even more, see Intel’s Ned Smith’s IPT foils at 2011 Kerberos conference.

I plan to be interviewing experts from various corners of Intel to help describe these technologies in more detail. We will also be working to bring API’s to light with Software Developer Guides, tech briefs, and whitepapers, videos and more.

I also hope to keep one eye on new developments in the security space in the rest of industry to help articulate security, virtualization and manageability trends that I see developing.
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