New Consumer ID & In-App Unlock Purchase APIs for AppUp® developers

AppUp developer program Winter release

The holiday season is always full of cheer and giving, and in that spirit the Intel AppUp® developer program has a few presents under the tree for our developers. The following items have officially launched to enhance and aid app development for the AppUp developer program.

New In-App Unlocking API

This new monetization capability allows developers to sell In-App features to users. This is an extention of AppUp's In-App Purchasing APIs for C++ Windows applications. The new In-App Unlocking API now allows developers to sell non-consumable (buy once) features, capabilities, content, or levels that are locked or hidden in the application. This new API will allow apps to monetize additional features of an application. For this to work the features or content much be part of the application and binary submitted to AppUp and you must submit a CSV file that will include the data on the items your app can sell. Once purchased these items are now available to the user of your app for the duration of their use of the app. More broadly this new API is part of a growing series of In-App purchasing API's we are providing in our program. You might remember that earlier in 2011 we announced the Mojiva advertising component allowing developers to include ads within their apps. And last Spring we introduced In-App Upgrades, allowing other AppUp apps to be promoted and sold within an app. Additionally, there will be more to come with new In-App purchasing solutions next year including purchasing of consumable (repeat purchases) items and subscriptions. Follow these links to learn more about our In-App APIs and services.

New Consumer ID API

The Consumer Identity API provides a sort off federated authentication service for apps that need user registration & authentication, but do not want to burden the user with establishing yet another login and password for an application. This API makes use of popular online networks such as Facebook, Google and Yahoo, to authenticate users to your application. Follow this link to learn more about making use of this API.

New Device Profile Meta Submission

With our increasing support of device types such as Ultrabooks we realize that there are many hardware and software configurations that your app may now be exposed to via AppUp®. We have implemented a new device profile meta submission feature within the submission dashboard. This will allow a developer to define the target device as well as a minimum and maximum hardware configuration. Some of this information, such as device type will be used to expose your app to appropriate devices. Also future AppUp clients can use the profile to inform customers of hardware either required or suggested to run your app best. More to come on this feature as it evolves in 2012

Site refresh

We have a few new features as well as an updated look and feel to the AppUp® Developer program website. We are not yet finished with this refresh, so expect some additional changes early next year. For now we have included

As we continuosly improve the site we welcome your feedback to ensure we are on the right track and managing the right changes.

Read this article for a list of all our API's & Services and supporting SDKs, and browae the latest API documentation using the API filter of our new documentation navigator

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