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It's 2012 now and time to get back to work, but not before telling you a little about what I have been doing over the holiday break. Yes, I have been coding! About two months ago, I started working on a new version of the Meshcentral mobile application, this time, I wanted it to work on Android and iOS, and both phones and tablets, all with a single code base. Well today, I am unveiling the mobile application!

For Android devices, you can get it on the Google Android Market. For iPhones and iPads, just add this link as a desktop icon. This application requires having a account, once you sign in, you will see all of your computers, current and past power stat. You can then remotely turn computers on/off/sleep/hibernate and, if you are on a tablet device, you get the "Terminal" option allowing you to remotely go to the computer's command prompt. Other features include posting text messages on the remote compute and changing the computer's icon in application. It's just my first version, but so far it's working pretty well.

Now for some technical details. This application is entirely built on HTML5 and wrapped on Android as a native application using PhoneGAP 1.3. PhoneGAP is a framework that allows developers to turn a web application into a native app you can post on the Android Market. For iOS, I added some HTML tags, icons and bitmaps to make this web application look like a native application. Since it's a web application, you can even try it right now, on your browser.

Already I have been using this application to wake up my Microsoft Home Server 2011 when I need it, otherwise I put it on a 1 hour sleep timer to save some power. I need another mesh node in my network to be always on and my mesh-enabled DD-WRT router serves that role. So Meshcentral uses my router as the source of the wake-on-lan packet.

In any case, please feel free to try the application out and give me feedback. I am already preparing an updated version with some bug fixes.


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The High Court in London ruled that Tony Nicklinson, who's paralysed from the neck down but whose mental faculties are unaffected, can continue his legal fight to make sure that a doctor who kills him will be spared murder charges.
The Ministry of Justice wanted the case to become struck out, arguing that only parliament can change the law on murder.
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Hello could you write a tutorial as to how to install the mesh agent on a DD-WRT router? I tried searching on web with no luck.
Thanks the software is amazing

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