Jeff's Notebook: Intel® vPro ™ Developer Community - A resource for developing PC manageability & security software

Well, 2012 is here and with the New Year, you'll be seeing some new topic areas for my blogs.  This year, I'm going to be exploring the additional areas of PC manageability and security software. 

This is an area that continues to gain attention by IT managers and software developers that are trying to address the needs of efficiently managing PC's, addressing malware/viruses and the security of data on PC's.  Intel has been addressing these concerns for some years with its Intel vPro technology that has been built into various Intel processor-based desktops and laptops.  So, if you are a software developer of IT manageability and security software and you want to learn more about vPro technology and how to enable your software to take advantage of it, recently a new community has been launched to provide you with the information that you may want.  This is the Intel vPro Developer Community.  Check out this new community and discover more about Intel vPro technology.

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