How to Configure your System to Run the IntelvPro PowerShell Module

If you are trying to run the vPro PowerShell scripts on your management console but are running into errors, it is possible that either the vPro PowerShell Module has not been installed and/or it is not configured correctly.   The following steps demonstrate how to configure your system in order to use this powerful interface.

Step 1: First make sure the PowerShell Module is installed on your system.  If not go to the following folder in the Intel AMT SDK and install the version that is right for your system (32 vs 64 bit.)

>SDK folder: ..\Windows\Common\WS-Management\Scripting Framework:


For running PowerShell Scripts in the Powershell Command Window Environment

Step 2: Go to the Window's Start window  and search for "PowerShell"

Run the x86 window as administrator:

A PowerShell command window will appear.

First check to see what is the current policy.  If it is already set, you do not need to change it.

Note:  Setting the Execution Policy to Remote Signed usually works, but if you have certain configurations in your network you might want to use "Unrestricted" execution policy instead of "RemoteSigned."

Step 3: If needed, configure the Execution policy

Enter the following command in order to set the execution Policy:

Step 4: Import the IntelvPro Module:

  • In your Powershell window at the PS prompt, enter the following:  Import-Module IntelvPro
  • Note that if you are running Scripts from the Intel AMT SDK, the powershell template imports the IntelvPro module at the beginning and removes it at the end. 

Your system is now configured to run the vPro PowerShell scripts from within the command window environment.

Running with PowerShell ISE:

If you will be running Intel vPro PowerShell scripts from within the PowerShell ISE, the configuration is as follows:

Step 1: Bring up PowerShell ISE as Administrator and open the TLS.ps1 file to be edited.  You may have to use the "open" option under the File menu - it may not let you drag it into the window.

 Step 2: Once the PowerShell ISE is open,  configure this PowerShell environment for "unrestricted" execution policy  (or RemoteSigned - whichever works for your environment.)  See the middle window in the screenshot.  You need to enter the configuration commands in the bottom window.

Note that the TLS.ps1 script below imports the IntelvPro module so there is no need to enter the import command in the command window for this particular script.

Now your system is ready to run the Intel vPro Module Scripts in the PowerShell ISE Environment.

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