The way to becoming an Intel® Black Belt Software Developer

The Intel company holds a lot of specialist training programs, carries out programming contests, invites people to meetings and free conferences. Unfortunately, we often miss such events, and one gets upset on knowing that he/she did not participate in an already finished event. By the way, participating in Intel contests often ends with a participant being employed by Intel. I have witnessed it a couple of times. A person comes to a meeting to get his/her prize, the next year you see him wearing the "Intel worker" badge himself/herself. So, mind this. :)


However, you don't necessarily need to fight for the first prize in competitions to attract Intel's attention; there are other interesting and useful ways too. For example, you can become a participant of the Intel Developer Zone community and automatically become a participant in the "Black Belt Software Developer" contest. It is this program that I wanted to tell you about.



The Intel® Developer Zone is a community of software developers. It includes blogs and articles by the community members or Intel company's employees, forums, announcements of new events, contests and so on. What is important and interesting is that you can ask questions directly of Intel workers in forums or in article comments. Or you may give answers yourself, publish interesting content, etc., i.e. be an active and useful community member. It is this what Intel takes into account when selecting candidates to nominate for the "Intel Black Belt Software Developer" award.



This is how the Intel site defines a person deserving to bear this title:



This is a title for community members who demonstrate outstanding expertise on Intel technologies and enrich our communities by regularly sharing their knowledge and expertise, providing help & support in the discussion forums, submitting content such as articles and participating in the communities. It is recognition of the community leadership and contribution by these members.



While you are on your way to perfection, you will be given belts of different colors. To learn more about this program, its conditions and advantages see the following posts:





And what myself is concerned, I'm writing this post from joy and gratitude. The reason is that I have been given the Intel Black Belt Software Developer title. I was very pleased to receive congratulations at the Intel Software meeting and get a wonderful high-performance laptop as a prize.



The prize is a Sony VAIO Intel Core i7-based laptop with 4 cores, 6 Gbytes of memory, a Blu-ray driver and other bonuses. There are other presents besides this one and even more advantages provided by the title. For example, I've become a user of the Intel Parallel Studio XE 2011 software.



What do you need to get appreciated? Nothing extraordinary. You should be an active community member, write articles and keep in touch with people. I, for instance, even did not think about and reckon for the Black Belt title. To be honest, I was more concerned with the discussions of PVS-Studio. That's why it was very unexpectedly and pleasant to get the award for interesting articles and contribution into the Intel software community's life.



Thanks to everyone. I will try to continue pleasing my readers with interesting posts and unicorns.


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Congrats Andrey Karpov . Its A great Achievement .

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very nice...

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