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The Software Business Network is a new online community focused on supporting the go-to-market and business development needs of Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) in our Intel® Software Partner Program, as well as individual developers writing applications on Intel platforms.

Accelerate your Go-To-Market, Sales, and Business Strategies

Each week, you will gain insight from experts in business strategy, sales, and marketing topics. We will be inviting these experts to share their guidance and tips through blogs, webinars, and our Software Business Forum.

Connect with Other Partners

The Software Business Network provides a forum for our software partners to hold business conversations with one another. Are you looking for a co-development opportunity? A partner for geo expansion? Build new business relationships with other Intel Software Partners through our Software Business Forum and on our blogs by connecting with partners in your industry or technology focus area.

Unlock New Resources – Earn Points through your Participation

By participating in the Software Business Network, you earn points in the Intel® Software Network Black Belt Program. As a member of the Intel® Software Partner Program, those points contribute to your membership tier (Registered -> Premier -> Premier Elite). Participate by asking questions or sharing your thoughts on the blogs and forum-all you need to do is make sure you are logged in!

Fuel Software Innovation

Get new ideas through our “Meet the Partner” series. This will be a series of interviews with ISVs that have been successful in new markets and in different verticals. Ask your questions and learn from other software companies.

If you have any specific topic areas that you would like addressed, feel free to leave us a comment below!

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Lauren Dankiewicz (Intel)'s picture

@Ahmed - Thanks!

@wahid - Thanks for the comment.

I am a bit unclear on your question but I believe you are asking "what is face to face?" It basically means meeting someone in person. From a business perspective, conferences and networking events are great examples of opportunities to meet new potential customers or business partners "face to face." They are great ways to build new relationships. I hope that answers your question!

wahid's picture

good is marketing planining whay is to face to face

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