GDC 2012 – Session: Security Best Practices

Hi Everyone –

I hope to see some of you in a few weeks at GDC. This year I’ll be doing an Introductory Session on Security Best Practices. This is going to be a fast paced debrief and introduction of the spectrum of: Piracy, Secondary Sales, and Account Theft solutions available to Game Developers. I’ll also be providing a quick snapshot of some common Piracy ‘misconceptions’; and touching on some other related topics such as domestic legislation that impacts our industry as a result of Piracy.

GDC Conference Link:

DAY / TIME / LOCATION: Thursday 6:00- 6:30 Room 3005, West Hall, 3rd Fl
TRACK / DURATION / FORMAT / AUDIENCE LEVEL: Business and Marketing and Management / 25-Minute / Sponsored / All
The question is: how do you protect both consumers, and your content? Evolutions in gaming business models, distribution methods, and the rising sophistication of pirates have pushed the gamut of issues that plague gaming far beyond piracy. In order to better address piracy, it’s necessary to also reflect on secondary sales, and the emergence of new threats such as account and identity theft. This session will take a broader and more holistic view at the range of solutions designed to address these increasingly complex set of issues in an effort to assist game developers & publishers to be more successful.

ELIGIBLE PASSES: All Access Pass, Main Conference Pass

We will also be posting these materials up on:

Hope to see you there!
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