Pre-Release Parallel Programming and Architecture Video Series

Before I tell you the whole story here is a backstage clip:

Parallel Computing Academy - Behind The Scenes
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The series is a 'six pack' of videos starting from the basic introduction and covering everything you need to know in order to understand parallel computing concepts and methodologies. here is the list of chapters:

1. Change In Mindset: Introduction to parallel programming. First of all we need to agree that parallel computing is really easy. This video will show you that you already know parallel computing. The video also talks about the value that parallel design has for the product.

2. Management: Task Management, Workers, and Ownership are covered as key concepts of parallel design. In order to understand the system well we need to be able to visualize the moving parts so this video has a collection of animations demonstrating how things work under the hood.

3. System API: System API are the programmer's hammer and knife. This video talks about the commonly used API and also covers System API which are dedicated for parallel computing. Programming techniques are demonstrated with very important tips.

4. Flow Patterns: A major part of what's missing in Object Oriented Design is the concept of Flow. Here we cover System models, methods for handling resources and Flow Control concepts.

5. Phase State Programming: The majority of programmers don't really know it but they code their applications to have different operation Modes. For example Word 2010's Protected View which has an 'Enable Editing' button to switch to another mode. Most times applications have a collection of global variables defining the different states and phases of the application. It is time we call things by their name and reflect it properly in our design.

6. Advanced Topics: This short chapter covers advanced concepts, system models, and AVX.

The videos are supported with animations whenever an animation has anything to contribute.

On a personal note

This was a huge undertaking. Great amounts of effort were required for this series of videos to come to life. It started with a weekly call while working and refining the topics and presentations, and work goes on for over a year.

Attending the IDF was real fun but I couldn't really relax. I had a flight right after the event taking me to Oregon. The week after the IDF we had a couple of days of video shoot. And then there is the little thing with the video editing, green-screen, animations.....

The series is based on many years of teaching parallel computing, mainly for academy graduates and experienced developers and architects. Some of the information can be found in my classes, some in my Microsoft Tech-Ed presentations, and some in previous posts of this blog. This series of videos is the first place that has it all collected into one coherent flow. It is known that if a book you write, or a presentation you give helps you arrange things in your mind then the content is good. So, I am very happy with what we have.

The first video is about to be released. I will add a post with a link to it when it is published.

Here is the video we shot on-site during the IDF event just before we went to shoot this series of videos:

Watch Video Preview at IDF

You can watch one of my Tech-Ed Sessions in full video here:

Parallel Programming For Embedded

The animations in the video series have background music which I created using a MIDI editor, here is the file: Background Music.

You can use the RSS feed to be notified when the videos are published. I will post a complementary blog post for every video with details and when possible slides and images.

The first video in the series is relatively non-technical and is suitable for both developers and product management. My wife who is HR could follow it and enjoy it. The Animations are simple and strait forward for the first video. The chapters to follow use some conventions to the animations for example for abstract objects such as a thread.
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