Show 19 – AppUp RoundUp with Willpower 360 App

The Intel AppUp® show for developers "Show 19": in this segment of AppUp® RoundUp, Host Bob Duffy reviews, Willpower 360, an exclusive app, only available at the Intel AppUp center. Bob shows how Willpower360 leverages Intel® Advanced Vector Extensions (AVX) to obtain a better performance on an Ultrabook. This app also gives fans an opportunity to get into the action with using 360 Video Technology. In the second half of the show, Bob and Rhonda put a twist on the TweetCap segment, by reviewing some of the cool Facebook posts that have been posted. If you’re looking to create unique apps that leverage the power of an Ultrabook™ device, you definitely want to check out this episode; it may spark an idea!

To download the Willpower 360 app from the Intel AppUp® center, click here:

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