SCS 8.0 ... now only weeks away

In the life of a project you work on, the last few weeks can be very stressful. So before I dive into those final weeks of intense coding, this is a good time for me to take a step back and share with you some of the cooler features we've added to SCS 8.0.

Jobs - Jobs are basically operations you perform on a group of systems. You create the job by defining the group of systems it will run on, when you want it to run, and the operation to be performed.
Defining a job

The progress of all your jobs can then be viewed at a glance, and you can also deep-dive and find the state of each machine in the job. This option is available if you are using the SCS installed with a database.
"Auto Maintenance" - Want to make sure your AMT system is always fully functional, that the certificates you use are renewed before expiration, that your admin password is changed every few months, etc., but without having to worry about actually remembering when you need to do each? Just use the "Auto Maintenance" option when running maintenance and only the required options will be performed. This option is supported on the Configurator, and also by createing an "auto maintenance" job.
Discovery enhancements - System discovery feature was added in SCS 7.0 and was an instant hit. We now added to the various sources from which we retrieve data also WS-MAN APIs. What's great about this is that these APIs are also available remotely, and so you can also have our remote service (the RCS) perform system discovery and get this data from the system. And better still - we also allow the Configurator to send all the information it gathered during discovery and send it to be stored in the database.

Excited yet?

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