- Date & time in file manager

Quick note to point out that I added a few days ago the last modified date and time of files and directories in the web based remote file browser in Some have been asking for this feature since they deal with loads of log files and need to know which file is the latest one, etc. This change is supported in Mesh Agent v.1.55 which is not available on all platforms yet, but as I compile new platforms, this feature will get wider support. As of now, Windows, Linux x86 and MIPS are version 1.55. I will try to compile Mac OS X today along with others this next week.

In other news, most of my time has been spent working on the back-end server. So much to do, each day the server works a lot better with improved diagnostics and features. Nothing that anyone else can use, but it's far from the days where the server looked like a pile of lumber & duck-tape.

Below, a screen shot of the remote file manager with the new date/time on the right.


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