- Win8 Metro Prototype Application

A few weeks back I started on a new quest to build a Windows 8 Metro application for At least, learn about how to build such an app and get ready for when developers can submit free applications on the Microsoft Store. Well, I worked a few days using Javascript libraries I already use for Meshcentral's web site and the Android and iPhone/iPad applications and developed my first Windows8 Metro Application. There is still plenty to work on, but I started running around Intel showing it off and figured I would make a small video showing it off.

The video demonstrates the application on an EXO-PC tablet with the latest Windows 8 Consumer Preview and Visual Studio 2011 BETA. I started with a basic project that is provided with VS2011 and hacked it quite a bit. The result is very nice. Still bugs to work out but the speed is decent and it actually does work.

This app is not yet available to the public, but hopefully the Microsoft Store will open soon.

Youtube video at:


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