Lenovo Received China Network Entry License for the First Intel Phone K800 , Launches An Android App Store For The Enterprise

Lenovo Intel Phone Received China Mobile Network Entrance License

Lenovo K800, the first smart phone  with Intel Medfield platform, drawed  a wide range of media attention in CES2012. According China Tech Portal http://mobile.it168.com/a2012/0327/1330/000001330178.shtml , this week,  Lenovo has cleared all the obstacles and received China Mobile Network Entrance License for K800 from China National Telecommunication Equipment Certification Center,  Ministry of Industry and Information Technologies (TECC MIIT).  This means Lenovo has paved all its way up for the imminent launch of the first Intel Smart Phone Lenovo K800, and make it available to the largest mobile phone market in the world.

Lenovo models K800,  the first Intel Medfield platform phone,  has a 4.5-inch super large screen which is the largest Lenovo mobile touch screen size with the resolution  reaching 720p (1280x720 pixels) specification, plus the pixel density of 326ppi. From the photos released by TECC MIIT, the phone looks simple and stylish from both front and back:

As the main features of the first Intel Smart phone, the Lenovo K800  is equipped with one Intel1.6GHz Atom Medfield processor, which features 32-nanometer process, and the lowest to the highest  main frequency from 600MHz to 1.6GHz .This low power single core processor can reach two-cores by virtual Hyper-Threading technology. The chip comes with 512KB of L2 cache (up to the core level of the ARM Cortex-A15), using dual-channel LPDDR2 program, with PowerVR SGX 540 GPU.  Lenovo K800 is equipped with a 1970 mA battery case, in theory, will receive up to 14 days of standby time eight hours of 3G talk time, and four consecutive 15-hour music playback time. The performance gain is big enough that it  make the most of the smart phones competitors on the market hard to catch up. However, according to the information released from TECC MIIT,  the Lenovo K800 first comes with Android 2.3 Gingerbread system, and  is expected to upgrade to Android ICS 4.0 system shortly, which has much better user experience.

The Lenovo K800 is also equipped with a built-in 8 Million pixels (8MP) camera, auto-focus and high-speed continuous shooting,  as well as 1080p full HD video recording function. In addition, it also supports WCDMA networks and Wi-Fi wireless Internet access, GPS navigation, memory card expansion,  Blue tooth technology, and because the machine uses a Lenovo customization Clover UI and built-in localization of Chinese Service such as Sina, Netease, Sohu, so there are media reports that the first launch of K800 is targeted in China market

Lenovo Launches An Android App Store For The Enterprise

In a separate progress from Computer manufacturer Giant Lenovo, Lenovo  launched  an Android App Store for the Enterprise.  The Lenovo Enterprise App Shop enables IT managers to customize and publish Android corporate apps in an online store, and to purchase volume apps with license management for end users.

Sarah Perez,  a writer for TechCrunch, had wrote an article "Lenovo Launches An Android App Store For The Enterprise"  on http://techcrunch.com and gave an good analysis on Lenovo's  move  which is clearly one designed to target the increasing popularity of the Apple iPad in the enterprise.
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