How to Manage Social Media Marketing in 20 Minutes a Day

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Marketing- Social in 20 minutes per dayOften when it comes to online marketing, we can feel overwhelmed. There’s Twitter, blogs, Facebook, LinkedIn, and whatever is the newest thing (Pinterest anyone?) How on earth are you supposed to keep all those balls juggling in the air while still having time to get your real work done?

The answer, of course, is in setting limits and keeping focused.

Start at the Beginning

Remembering always that information flows outward from your website, first set your priorities. You need to have the groundwork done each day. If you have a company blog, get that blog post up, preferably first thing in the morning. Your completed blog post will then drive most of your Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn responses.

Move the Information Out

10 minutes: Once your post is up, spend some time on Twitter and Facebook pointing others to your post. Be brief in your messages, but be on target. You’re competing with everyone else who is out there trying to market their brand and message so don’t waste anyone’s time with long complicated messages. A few words on the value of your post should be enough. It’s important to also respond to comments or questions made directly to you. Share the best comments or some of the more interesting links you see as you scan your feed.

Take a few minutes to also either reply to or retweet a few tweets or, “Like” or respond to a few Facebook comments. Be sure to comment on at least 4 Facebook stories/posts, entering a comment of value and/or appreciation.

5 minutes: Next, go over to LinkedIn and send a link to your blog post out to any appropriate groups to which you belong. Scan the articles that have been posted in those groups to see if you can comment on them or determine if they offer information you’d like to read about.

5 minutes: Lastly, scan a few blogs (hopefully sent to you by RSS feed so that you don’t have to search for them) in your field and make significant and value-added comments on at least 3.

All of this moving information out from your website can be done in about 20 minutes. It might be difficult to do at first because there are so many temptations out there (Hey did you check out this unbelievable video?), but stay strong. In the beginning, in order to keep yourself on track, you might even want to use a timer. Make a contract with yourself to spend 20 minutes and no more. The beauty of setting a limit of 20 minutes is that you can then repeat that mid-day and at the end of the day, if needed, without too much impact to your schedule. Or you can just do it once and have that carry you through the work day.

The important thing here is to get into social media and then get out so that you can get to your other work for the day. You want to have a presence in social media, but you don’t want to make it your full-time job.

How much time do you spend on social media? What do you do to keep it from cutting into your productive time?

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