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We are always looking for new ways to connect our Intel Software Partners with business development and marketing opportunities. This newest resource gives Premier Elite Partners the opportunity to apply for equity investment from Intel Capital, Intel’s global investment and M&A organization.

So what will Premier Elite Partners have access to? I spoke with Lisa Lambert, Vice President and Managing Director, and Vibhor Rastogi, Investment Director in the Software and Services Group at Intel Capital, for the inside scoop. This is the first in a series of blog posts. Future blog posts will cover software ecosystems that Intel Capital is interested in funding and advice on creating a successful business proposal.

What is Intel Capital’s history in the market?
Lambert: With more than 500 companies bringing profits to their investors, our track record is very strong. Since 1991, Intel Capital has invested more than $10.5 billion in more than 1,220 companies in 51 countries. Successes include companies such as VMware, Kingsoft and mySQL.

What kinds of investments do you seek out?
Lambert: Because we are a global brand, we’re able to invest across a variety of fields and locations. In fact, Intel Capital has offices in more than 25 countries, offering a vast network of resources in established and emerging markets.

What resources do you offer to entrepreneurs?
Lambert: Our team is made up of experienced investors who work with portfolio companies to guide and advise them. These resources extend to Intel’s labs, the company’s manufacturing and engineering expertise and business roadmaps. We also devote significant effort to introducing portfolio companies to potential customers to help them group their businesses. Through Intel Capital Technology Days, we bring a group of 10 or so portfolio companies to present their technology to executives at Fortune 1000 companies. This program helps open the door for startups that might not otherwise be able to get easy access to the decision makers at such companies.

What about co-investing?
Lambert: We have a global set of co-investors to help our portfolio companies. This allows us to scale in those markets. Intel Capital is committed to helping our portfolio companies grow globally and succeed.

Intel Capital is an excellent resource for ISVs and entrepreneurs. In the next post in this series, I’ll share more of my interview with Lisa Lambert and Vibhor Rastogi, including the software ecosystems that Intel Capital is interested in funding.

To learn more about Intel Capital, join the Intel Software Partner Program. Click here to learn more about becoming an Intel Software Partner Program Premier Elite Member.

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Kevin Murphy's picture

Hi Nilotpal, Great question. We are hosting a webinar with the Intel Capital folks, during which they can answer your questions. This webinar will be open to all members of the Intel® Software Partner Program. Stay tuned for the date and time. Thank you!

Nilotpal Datta's picture

Hi Kevin Murphy,

What if the ISV is new (Start-up company) but have application listed in ISPP. I mean in terms of financial statements. As we all know that many a times the start ups company do lack in these part (Financial Statement, or other paper), than how those ISV should approach ICAP.

Kevin Murphy's picture

Nilotpal Datta, Thank you again for your question. I was able to connect with the Intel Capital team. They said that the ISV application is the best channel to showcase your accomplishments to ICAP.

Kevin Murphy's picture

Nilotpal, The Thursday post is up here:

Let me see if I can get an answer to your question regarding ISV partners.

Thanks much!

Nilotpal Datta's picture

Hi Kevin Murphy,

Sounds like that the next post will be more informative and will help us to understand what Intel Capital is looking for. Will also like to know do Intel capital keep an eye on the ISV partners of Intel and there achievements and work done within a year?

Will be waiting for the Thursday post.


Kevin Murphy's picture

Nilotpal Datta, Sounds like you're already on your way. Our next interview post will cover the types of businesses Intel Capital is looking for. It will be posted on Thursday.

Thank you for your comment.

Nilotpal Datta's picture

It was nice to read the interview, as a Premier Elite Partner I always wanted to know more about Intel capital and how to get the full advantage of it. Since my company is a member of Intel and has achieved the Premier Elite Partner status with more than 25 Product listed on ISPP & IADP, I am more eager to know what are the criteria for any ISV to get or become Intel Portfolio Company.

Waiting o see more of the interview.

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