3 Twitter Management Tool Options for your Software Business

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When you’re using any tool for business, you want to know if you’re getting a good return on your investment. And if you’re using Twitter, you’ll realize that a lot of information is flowing, but you may not feel you are managing it or capturing it.

There are third-party tools available to help you track statistics, schedule tweets, manage multiple accounts, moderate posts, and a lot more. Most tools have a free version, or offer free trial, but even those with small fees are worth the investment – if they deliver the information you need, of course.

For viewing, tracking, and managing data, here are a few options:



  • HootSuite.com – A multi-column application that allows you to view a lot of conversations in a glance. You choose the categories you want to view and how they should appear on the screen so you can focus on what matters to you and your company the most. You can create various reports and have them emailed to you. If you have a team of people posting, you can view data by team member(s). Scheduling tweets individually or in bulk keeps you and your team productive for one, or several, Twitter accounts. This tool requires an individual login and password. It has a lot of features in its free version, so if you don’t connect to other platforms (Facebook, a blog, and so on) the free version may be all you need. Intel® Software Partner Program members can also access a free introductory webinar on social media management with HootSuite.

  • TweetDeck.com – This also offers the multi-column layout for watching different categories such as @ mentions, particular search queries, hashtag (#) mentions, and more. You choose the parameters for what you want to view from one or multiple Twitter accounts. Also offers the ability to queue tweets to post at future times. You can use the global filter option to remove content you don’t want to see in the feeds; whether it’s specific Twitter accounts, words, or hashtag terms, you can save time by viewing only what is important. This tool requires an individual login and password. Totally free.

  • SocialOomph.com – Similar to Hootsuite in all it offers, but without the multi-column layout. You have the ability to schedule individual and bulk tweets on one screen for one or multiple Twitter accounts. The straightforward interface lets you monitor @ mentions and retweets. You have the option to vet followers and friends and set up the account to auto-follow whoever follows your company. There is a handy sidebar menu option to get statistics on any Twitter account you manage. This tool requires an individual login and password. It has a long list of free features, so you may not need the paid version.



It can’t hurt to give any or all of these applications a try to help you manage your Twitter marketing campaigns, especially since all of them have free versions or risk-free trials.

The information you get from using the tools can help you reach more people, stay organized, and reach your company’s targeted goals. And speaking of goals, the next post will offer guidance on creating measurable goals for social media, so you’ll see how the tools mentioned here can be used in your strategy to market your software.



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Thanks for this. Twitter is a huge part of my business, so this was great.

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Based on my own opinion, think that 3 Twitter Management Tool Options for your Software Business is really great. I know that these tools are really useful on my business as well. I think that it would be great to try it on my own business.

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