Intel Announces New Software and Services Investments in Brazil

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IDF Brazil 2012 - The Sky is the BaselineInvesting in Brazil's Software Ecosystem
Intel is accelerating the growth of Brazil’s software industry by making strategic investments in independent software vendors, developers, universities, technology parks, and government IT agencies.

Today at Intel Developer Forum (IDF) in Brazil, Intel announced that the Intel® Software Partner Program and four Intel® Software Network developer communities are launching in Portuguese. The Intel Software Network provides hundreds of technical documents and guidance on how to maximize software performance on Intel® architecture. The Intel® Software Partner Program helps companies develop and market commercial applications optimized for Intel® technologies.

Each community has a local community manager who will work with developers across the country to help build best-in-class solutions and end-user experiences.

  • George Silva: Community manager for Ultrabook™, Consumer Client, and Android* Developer Communities

  • Jomar Silva: Intel® vPro™ Developer Community

  • Luciano Palma: Server Community and Parallel Programming Developer Community

Opportunities for Brazilian Software Companies to Partner with Intel
The Intel Software Partner Program will provide local marketing and sales support to drive campaigns with Brazil’s 300,000+ independent software vendors and 73,000+ software and services companies. Launching the program in Portuguese is an important step to connecting with Brazilian software companies for these new campaigns.

Future Investments in Brazil
Intel’s software programs are focused on building strong businesses through best-of-class products. In 2012, Intel will grow its in-country foot print as well as its corporate support teams to drive programs with universities and technology parks.
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