- Improved Full Screen Remote Desktop

Over the weekend I improved the full screen support for the built-in remote desktop feature in two ways. Before I get to that, for people who don't know, allows you to take control of your remote desktop from within a web browser. So, from anywhere in the world you log in and with a few clicks, you can take control of your computer remotely. Well, when looking at your remote computer within a browser, it's useful to be able to re-size the browser and use as much screen area as possible.

The first improvement I did is to build the normal view and full view within the same HTML page. Now you can connect to your remote computer and switch between view modes without loosing your connection. The icon to do this is on the upper right on the picture below.

Second, I added support for true full screen using the HTML5 full screen API's supported in FireFox and Chrome. When in "full mode" there is a new "Full Screen" button that is available for supported browsers. It will make the page truly go full screen on the client. In both FireFox and Chrome, you press ESC key to drop back out of full screen. So, in this mode, I added a new "ESC" button in case you need to send the ESC key to the remote computer.

In general, this remote desktop within a browser feature is really cool. I hope these improvements will make it a bit better.


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