On-Demand Webinar with Intel Capital: "Venture Funding for Software Companies"

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This on-demand webinar with Vibhor Rastogi, Intel Capital Investment Director, is a fantastic primer for software companies to learn about venture funding. The webinar covers why a software company should pursue venture funding, what Intel Capital is and how they make investment decisions, real world examples, as well as how to use the Intel Capital resource for Intel® Software Premier Elite Partners.

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Watch the Intel Capital Webinar "Venture Funding for Software Companies"

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Frequently Asked Questions from the Webinar

Q: Where do I find more information about the Intel Capital Ultrabook™ Fund?
A: You can find more information about the Intel Capital Ultrabook™ Fund here:  Intel Capital Ultrabook™ Fund

Q: What stage does Intel Capital expect the company to be in: alpha, beta, or at the point where it has a customer base and is earning revenue?
A: Intel Capital tends to look for companies at the stage where they have customers and are earning revenue.

Q: In addition to the landing page application form, does Intel have a guide for a business plan document or is any standard business plan sufficient?
A: There isn't a particular format that Intel Capital is looking for. The best approach is to provide as much information as possible about your company and make sure to fill out all parts of the application. 


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Nilotpal Datta's picture

If a Company already has a customer base and is doing earning revenue why they need outside investment to be done in the company? The need for fund comes only when the company is new and has potential to grow in coming years and is lacking just because of current investment shortage.

It is seen in the past also that company which has potential but does not have the customer base need the fund for Marketing, and other development part (WORKING CAPITAL). This is the time when some one looks for Venture Capital or Angel Investors.