Enabling Wireless Display (WiDi) on Windows 8 Consumer Preview

Chances are that if you have upgraded your Wireless Display (WiDi) capable laptop or tablet (with the specs mentioned here) from Windows 7 to Windows 8 Consumer Preview, then you probably stopped being able to enjoy WiDi.

The official support for WiDi on Windows 8 will come with the Intel WiDi software v3.5, and the Intel WiFi driver v15.5. These will follow Microsoft’s requirement that all pairing with external devices is done using their new WHQL certification process, from the Devices menu as seen below:

Until this happens, you could follow the steps below to make it work.This is not an officially supported procedure by Intel or Microsoft, and should only be considered for testing purposes until the official and correct method, drivers, software, and support becomes available.

1. Make sure that your WiDi 2.0 adapter has the latest firmware which presently is If you need to update, do so from a working Windows 7 system. We tested this on the following adapters:

    • DLink DHD131

    • Netgear PTV2000

    • Belkin F7D4501

2. On Windows 8, download and install the Beta Intel HD 3000/2000 Graphics driver for Windows 8 v9.17.10.2729:

    • 32-bit version: here

    • 64-bit version: here

3. On Windows 8, download and install the Intel® PROSet Wirless WiFi Software & Drivers incl. Intel® My WiFi Technology v15.1.1:

    • 32-bit version: here

    • 64-bit version: here
      Important Note: When you install this package,make sure to select “Custom Install”, and choose to install “My WiFi Technology”)

4. On Windows 8, download and install the Intel® Wireless Display Software

    • 32-bit and 64-bit versions here
      Important Note: Please use this specific version! Using the newest version of the Wireless Display Software (which presently is does not work.

With these three components, WiDi on Windows 8 should become possible again with almost the same behavior known on Windows 7

Some few comments on our personal experience of using WiDi on Windows 8 on the Samsung Series 7 Slate so far:

    • Once WiDi is connected, the tablet resolution might go down to a level which prevents metro apps from launching. If this happens, just manually set it back to 1366 x 768

    • The “duplicate” display mode duplicates everything you see on your laptop or tablet to the external screen.

    • The audio always comes out from the external screen, whatever the app. And 5.1 audio works without any problems, and so does 1080p Full HD videos, and even Adobe Flash-based Youtube videos.

    • The “extended” mode behaves just like when using an HDMI cable on Windows 8. The metro interface remains on your laptop/tablet and desktop is extended on your screen.

We really have to stress again that the procedure above uses older or Beta versions of existing Intel drivers and software. So follow these instructions at your own risk! Again, the official support for WiDi on Win8 will come with WiDi v3.5, and WiFi v15.5, which will follow Microsoft’s requirements.


Rami Radi and Björn Taubert

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I'm at work right now. Will give more info on versions this evening CET time.

What I know is that I tried with latest intel HD 3000/2000 Beta Graphics driver for Windows 8 v9.17.10.2792

Can you give us a link to download:
Intel HD 3000/2000 Beta Graphics driver for Windows 8 v9.17.10.2729 ?

On download page, I can only get version

Björn Taubert (Intel)'s picture

Hi all, the topic didnt let us go and we tried some more and actuelly got it working on a Samsung Slate with released software/drivers.

hardware we used:
- Samsung 7 Slate
- Belkin ScreenCast

firmware / drivers we used:
- latest Intel Widi Software - http://downloadcenter.intel.com/Detail_Desc.aspx?agr=Y&ProdId=3227&DwnldID=21222 (newer than in the post)
- Firmware Belkin
- Intel HD 3000/2000 Beta Graphics driver for Windows 8 v9.17.10.2729 (as in the post)
- Intel(R) PROSet Wirless WiFi Software & Drivers incl. Intel(R) My WiFi Technology v15.1.1 (as in the post)

let us know what versions you tried!

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I also have a samsung slate tablet with windows 8 release preview and the 30s widi issue too. (with belkin screencast)
I'll be waiting for the fix you mentionned.

Björn Taubert (Intel)'s picture

Hi all,

thanks for giving WiDi a try at this early stage of Windows8 and the current driver / software situation. And also thanks for your feedback.

You are absolutely right, there are connection drops within the first 30sec of sharing the screen using the software/driver constellation listed above.

Nevertheless I would like to share that we investigated some more and there are already internal builds available that address this issue and work just fine - so stay tuned we keep you informed ASAP we are allowed to share this drivers/software versions.

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Actually, using the directions above I've gotten it to work with my Samsung S7 slate on Win 8. I initially experienced the 30 second drop, but it's working now. I think one of win updates solved the problem, though not quite sure. I tried it one day, expecting to spend a couple of hours fiddling around with it, but it just worked.

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Tried all as described on this page. PC is Samsung series 7 slate using Windows 8 release preview,
Connects... then after 5-10 seconds disconnects. Tried both, installing WIDI and PROSET in 7 compatibility mode and not, makes no difference.

All I have installed on Windows is: Office 2010, some metro apps, Samsung KIES, Zune and Blackberry manager, but those are all working over USB not the WIFI.

I hope this provides enough information.

Any suggestions?

Björn Taubert (Intel)'s picture

Hi all - small update. If you use the versions (downgrade the Windows drivers) described in the article it also works on Windows 8 Release Preview!

Beta Intel HD 3000/2000 Graphics driver for Windows 8 v9.17.10.2729
Intel(R) PROSet Wirless WiFi Software & Drivers incl. Intel(R) My WiFi Technology v15.1.1
Intel(R) Wireless Display Software

concerning the break up - you are right I see beake ups at around30sec myself. We will let you know if we find out something new!

Rami R. (Intel)'s picture

I just tested the same procedures above on a Samsung Slate 7 tablet with the newly released Windows 8 “Release Preview” (Build 8400), and it worked without any problems.

See my screenshot here: http://software.intel.com/en-us/blogs/wordpress/wp-content/uploads/2012/06/2012-06-12_110254.png

Try re-installing the WiDi software in Windows 7 Compatibility mode, and let us know if that made a difference. Thank you

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Same thing with me. I use dell latitude xt3 and it disconnects after few minutes.

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i am using samsung slate series 7 with release preview win8. i followed instructions , it works fine for few minutes and then disconnects


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