Expanding to local Markets - Think Global, Act Local

A recent study by ABI Research states: Over 80% of Top iOS Apps in Japan, Germany, and France Are in Local Languages.

Locally-developed and well-translated content is the key to having mobile apps discovered by consumers. In Apple’s Japanese App Store, 87% of the ten highest-ranked apps in all 21 categories were available in Japanese, as of February. Germany (83%) and France (82%) were other markets where over four-fifths of the highest-ranking apps were available in the local languages. In China, Chinese-speaking apps accounted for 76% of the highest-ranked apps – with about half of them developed specifically for the local market. (ABI Research)


This is why I worked out the general localization possibilities and the potential value of localized applications, based on Intel predictions and numbers. First, what possibilities do developers have do localize:

Localization possibilities



  • single - single language app with meta single meta data

  • (meta data only - app in English & different translated meta data) theoretically possible

  • partially translated - app partially translated & different translated meta data

  • fully translated - app & meta fully translated in different languages

  • fully localized (not possible with every application)



Looking at the Intel Total Available Market (TAM) by GEO for 2011 for the Mobile Segment computing devices (core note- & netbook) this means if you focus on English, only; you potentially loose a TAM for AppSales of 40+ million new device owners in major local countries. To come up with these values I mapped our sales numbers and predictions (MS&F Q3’11 Consolidation) for the following langues:

Potential local market 2011




  • .COM US, UK, ½ Canada 46,2+8,7+2,2=57,1 Million

  • .FR France, ½ Canada 9,1+2,2 = 11,3 Million

  • .DE Germany, Austria 9,5 +,8 = 10,3 Million

  • .ES Spain, Argentina, Mexico 4,3+3,3+4,7 =12,3 Million

  • .IT Italy 6,8 Million



To sum this up. Developers have the opportunity to meet new customers in strong and local markets. When you are a software developer or software company you leave out a lot of potential by not localizing and not translating.





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