How to Improve Search Engine Rankings for Your Mobile App

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This is a guest post by Michael Fleischner.

Mobile apps are everywhere. Whether you’re the maker of a popular application that’s set to be the next blockbuster, like Instagram or one of the many new apps being introduced to the market, getting your app to appear at the top of organic search results or, more importantly, as one of the “popular apps” on a high-traffic app store like the Android market, is vital to your success.

By using search engine optimization (SEO) best practices, as well as techniques being applied by some of today’s most popular apps, you can dramatically improve your ranking and enjoy the benefits of free organic traffic. “Most popular” apps listed in different marketplaces are driven by app download volume and the quality of their ratings. To increase download volume and acquire reviews, you will need to apply the following techniques designed to enhance popularity through organic search.

    1. Optimize Your Application’s Marketplace Page
    1. When submitting your application to popular app stores, be very deliberate with your naming convention. Many of today’s top apps have done an excellent job of optimizing their marketplace download page. Optimization includes using your brand and/or app name in the page title, meta data, adding screen shots, and including keywords throughout the download page.
    1. You also want to focus on making the description offered on your application profile very engaging. Your goal is to increase the conversion rate of your Web page. The higher the number of downloads, the better your performance data, which in turn drives your app’s popularity and ranking both within and outside of the app marketplace.
    1. Increase the Authority of Your App Profile Page
    1. When you create an application profile page, you’re essentially creating a Web page that is accessible through organic search results. This Web page has many of the same characteristics of other web pages, and appears as search engine result placements (SERPs) when individuals perform a keyword search on Google or other major search engines. By developing inbound links through online promotion and social media directly to your app’s profile page, you are increasing page authority – a key aspect of organic rankings. If you can improve the number of authoritative references to your application on the Web, both textually and through the development of inbound links, you will increase page authority and show up higher in organic search results. The higher the ranking, the more traffic and downloads you will receive – increasing your ranking even more.
    1. Leverage Your Website to Increase Authority of App Profile
    1. If you want to quickly and easily increase your app profile authority on the Android Market, then carefully consider how you’re using your own website to pass authority to your profile page. Passing website authority to your profile page can be accomplished in two ways. The first and most significant way is to link to your profile page from your website’s home page. A link, from the most authoritative page on your website, passes the value of that page directly to your app’s profile page. Organically, this Web page authority has a significant influence on SERPs. The second method is to design a page on your site that is accessible from the home page that drives traffic to your application download page. This traffic is essential for increasing the number of downloads, which in turn improves app popularity. As popularity increases, so do the number of downloads. In essence, your app’s success takes on a life of its own.
    1. Promote Your App Using All of Your Touch Points
    1. Optimizing your marketplace page and increasing your reach is essential for improving the organic rankings of your application profile page. There are a number of strategies you can use to promote your download page, improve page ranking, and increase users. One of the most important strategies is to promote your app using every touch point you have available. From a search engine optimization standpoint, this can improve popularity and increase downloads.
    1. Consider not only Web pages as promotional vehicles, but other forms of promotion as well. For example, if you are using print advertising, include mention of the availability of your mobile app, a QR code, or creative that shows the app in use. Leverage customer receipts, invoices, email communications, or other forms of communication to promote your app with customers and prospects. By combining all of the different touch points available to you, increasing downloads becomes part of your promotional strategy. As related businesses become aware of your application, they may add Web-based references to your app profile page or website download page. These inbound links drive organic rankings and improve search traffic.
    1. By combining a number of search engine optimization and promotional best practices, you can increase the awareness, popularity, and authority of your application profile pages. In time, these pages will not only appear in organic rankings but drive a considerable portion of your application downloads. Follow SEO best practices to ensure successful organic promotion of your app.

About the Author
This is a guest post by Michael Fleischner. Michael Fleischner is an Internet marketing expert with more than 14 years of marketing experience. He has appeared on the TODAY Show, ABC World News, and Bloomberg Radio. Michael is the author of today's top-selling SEO book on, "SEO Made Simple." Michael's marketing blog is one of the most visited marketing blogs on the Web at To follow Michael, visit The Marketing Blog or connect via twitter @mfleischner.

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Great article-real world tips that anyone can use to up the SEO value of their app. This is very good information to have.

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hey Michael,

nice idea on promotion for mobile apps... as marketing person i would like to add few things.. "if i am wrong just correct me"

every social media & social sites have mobile sites & can promote our apps on those sites where we can maximum visitors which not only make huge number of traffic or visitors but also, with the help of seo, we can improve our organic ranking as well.


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