How to Create a Software Demo Video (Part 2)

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Now that you’ve done the groundwork in preparing for your software demo video and you know the purpose and the message you want to get across, it’s time to actually start creating the demo.

Many hands

Use as many people as it takes to run the software and the recording equipment.  At the very least, use one person to run the mouse and another to record the audio. There is nothing worse than a person demonstrating some software who asks you to wait while he tries to maneuver his equipment in the middle of the demo.

Work together

Make sure that what shows on the screen matches what is being said. Sounds intuitive but you’d be surprised at how many software videos are out there where the speaker is talking about the next screen while the software runner is still on the last screen. Pay attention to what’s going on and keep up with it.

Speak slooowly

When people are nervous, they tend to speak quickly. It’s important to either hire a professional person to do the voice over or if you are going to do it yourself to speak clearly and slowly.

Take breaths and stretch out your words. Use pauses (but not too long) and don’t forget to annunciate the endings of words which are often dropped, especially if one is nervous.

Take some time to listen to professionally done videos to get an idea of how to pace the wording in your script.

Highlight your message

Use highlight and zoom to direct your audience’s attention to what you are talking about. If you are giving instructions for a particular field on a screen, you need to show the initial screen shot and then focus in on the field you are discussing. Don’t show your audience what they don’t need to know or extra material that may only distract them.

When done, don’t forget to zoom out so that they can place the field(s) in the proper context.

Smaller is better

In the last post we talked about the fact that videos should only be from 3 -5 minutes long. If you are finding that your demo is running longer, consider breaking it up into smaller segments. Create a part 1 and 2 if necessary.

If at first..

Record several versions of your demo and then carefully screen them for any mistakes, background noise, or distractions that may have made its way into your video. Don’t think that your first take will be the best take. Watch them all and take the one that has the strongest presentation.

File size counts

Record the video in an appropriate size based on your audience’s need. If necessary, produce multiple versions (800 x 600, 640 x 480, 320 x 240) to support various computer and bandwidth restrictions.

Now where do I go?

At the end of the video be sure to have a call to action item. Point your audience to a website, or leave a number they can call to order the software or to get more information. Don’t pump up your audience and then miss the chance to have them contact you about your product.

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