- Javascript WSMAN stack for Intel AMT

In the last few days, I started working on a really odd project and released a first version today. I have been building a full WSMAN stack in Javascript for use with Intel AMT, basicaly enabling web applications to directly (kinda of) interact with Intel AMT. Many management consoles built for Intel AMT are or want to be entirely web based. It's much easier for administrators to pull a management console from a web site than installing it on a computer. Also, web applications just work with more devices, imagine managing a computer using a tablet or a phone, all you need is a web browser, not to forget web frameworks like PhoneGAP and WinJS for Metro. Now, I have to say, since I run, I have my own raisons to want a rich web based management console: I have the infrastructure to relay HTTP calls over the Internet, so a good web based console would find a great home on my site. I built my stack in two files: wsman-0.0.2.js and amt-0.0.2.js. The wsman file takes care of the basic wsman xml formating and parsing, the amt.js takes care of Intel AMT specific stuff like method calls and error codes. Feel free to download and take a look at them, it's early work but seems to work pretty well.

On, I just released an Intel AMT WSMAN browser (picture below) that uses this code to enumerate objects in the firmware. To make it work, you need to install the mesh agent on an Intel AMT 3.0 or higher computer and another machine  on the same network to serve as a relay for the web site. Once you got a nice setup, you can go on the bottom of the device page for the computer that has Intel AMT and you will see a "WSMAN" link. Click it to access the WSMAN browser.

Now, I use the wsman stack on, but there are plenty of other uses for anyone interested in building Intel AMT web applications. Before anyone runs and tries this beware: None of the Intel AMT firmware allow HTTP AJAX CORS calls. So if you try to use this library to directly access Intel AMT, it will fail. Not because there is anything wrong with the WSMAN, but because Intel AMT does not have the "Access-Control-Allow-Origin" header needed to support this. In my case, adds this header during the relay to make it work. So, developers using this Javascript library will need to target a server that relays the HTTP call to the firmware and adds the proper CORS headers.

This Javascript WSMAN stack is pretty cool and will likely be used for a lot of my projects in the future. I am sure I will have more to say on it.



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Ylian, I took the liberty of "Tweeting" this. I think we are going to see more and more developers looking for this kind of information.

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