Get crazy coding WebApps at BeMyApp Hackathon in Berlin July 6th-8th


We are delighted to be part of the BeMyApp Music Hackathon next week in Berlin – the fun starts on Friday at 7pm until Sunday 9pm and takes place at the Ahoy Co-Working Space.
Not only will there be an overall cash price of EUR 5.000, but we are throwing in an additional EUR 1.000 Amazon voucher for the best web app submitted.
We will also bring along some Ultrabook for hands-on testing and coding – best way to reach me is on twitter @MonikaLischke or shout very loud my name at the event ;-)
The rules to get a chance to win the voucher (should stop thinking about what I would buy with it, already have enough Ultrabooks…) are fairly easy. Only show us, you submitted the app to AppUp for validation. Just in case, you have hands-on support on location by Sulamita, Rene and myself
This is what you need to do:

  • write a wonderful webapp in html5
  • in parallel register to our program:
  • go crazy writing code, hack and test
  • use our Encapsulator tool to wrap your app and create an MSI file
  • upload it to AppUp and start the submission process
  • find Sulamita, René or Monika to show you uploaded the webapp to AppUp
  • now you´re eligible to win the Amazon voucher :-)

Of course there is one thing, that is not too easy ;-). One of our requirements is a certificate to sign the app – if you already have one (Chosen Security, Verisign, Globalsign, Thawte, Trust Center, Go Daddy Secure Certification Authority or Comodo) you are good to go. If not, Intel provides you with a free one year certificate by Comodo:
Just get an ID first and then apply for an one year free certificate.
Big hints: please use Internet Explorer on a Windows machine(and we know it´s not necessarily your preferred browser) and the certificate should be on the same device you´ll use when submit your app to validation.
It would be great if you could arrive at the hackathon already with it in place – it is not mandatory to be eligible to win the 1.000 EUR voucher, but we would highly appreciate it! :-)
Oh and please register for the Hackathon - it´s free: Registration

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