Intel App Show 27: AppUp support for Exe files & product key for Ultrabook apps

In this episode Norm Chou joins Bob Duffy to discuss new features for packaging and submitting apps to AppUp. The latest release for AppUp allows for a broader range of installer files as well as support for apps that use product keys. Norm walks Bob thru each of these new features.

EXE support: Norm explains that previously AppUp only allowed for MSI files with a limit of 2GB, and those installers required a silent install mode. Now AppUp allows for both EXE files and EXE installers to be submitted with up to 10GB file sizes allowed. Also installers can now allow for dialogue boxes during the install, as well as reboots during or after installation. The advantage this is many existing PC applications can be submitted to AppUp as is, without a need to change the installer.

Product key support: Norm explains product keys are now also supported. Apps requiring product keys can now be submitted by including a list of product keys along with the submission of the app. Once those keys get below a certain number then alerts are sent to the developer to let them know they are low on product keys, and should submit more. Norm also explains that the delayed purchasing, part of try before you by solution will now be an automatic charge with product keys, expediting payment to the developer.

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