Introduce yourself, they said. It will be fun, they said.

Hello there! My name is Wendy Boswell, and I’m a tech writer/blogger at Intel writing about Ultrabooks and Win8. You can expect to see a regular flow of posts from me, focused on cool apps, useful devices, and news items that are pertinent to software developers.

In my quest to educate myself about kickass new technology and better understand this wonderful thing we call the World Wide Web, I’ve used a lot of great applications (and a lot of not so great applications). I understand the need to be ever increasingly more productive, as well as consume content in a meaningful way. Basically, we’re all just looking for the Next Big Thing that is going to streamline our work flow and help us get stuff done, right? That’s why I'm kicking off this blog. I'm going to be laser-focused on the Ultrabook, especially news affecting developers and developments that can help those of us using (or thinking about using) the Ultrabook to be more mobile, creative, and ultimately more productive. The people, news, and technologies we take a look at in this space are the ones that developers need to keep in mind when developing new applications.

My technical and professional background really centers on the Interwebs, learning and teaching others to use this magnificent invention more effectively. In fact, I’ve been on this series of tubes long enough to remember when Google wasn’t in charge of everything and “getting on the Internet” meant “let’s take a short nap while our dial-up modem is connecting”. Currently in tandem to my work with Intel, I serve as the editor of About Web Search (, part of the New York Times Company, a position I’ve held since 2004, act as a technical consultant off and on to a few cool start-ups, and even manage to work in a bit of web design (WordPress FTW!) for non-profits on the side. In the past, I’ve had the privilege of working on the Lifehacker team (, writing a book about how to search the Web more effectively, and creating a really wizard blog on all things Harry Potter (yes, really).

Other than my charming wit and affinity for anything Whovian, what are some other reasons you should come back and read my contributions to this spot on the Web? Three main things come to mind:

  • You are a developer wanting to know more about the Ultrabook and Win8.
  • You are a developer who wants to find out what people are interested in so you can create an app for it for the Ultrabook and become a famous gazillionaire (maybe not that last bit).
  • You are someone who loves technology and wants to learn more about cutting edge developments. Oh, and you’re also a snappy dresser and have a lovely singing voice (again, maybe not that last bit.)

So! Bookmark this space in your Web browser, email the URL to your friends and colleagues, or subscribe to the RSS feed. Of course, I would welcome your feedback and well-mannered comments, as well as any ideas/topics/news items you’d like to see discussed here in the future.

That’s all for now – until next time, Internet friends!
- Wendy Boswell

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