Intel KVM Port Requirements and Troubleshooting Tips

There are various communication modes that can be established when working with Intel AMT.  Many IT shops will provision their Intel AMT capable systems using TLS (Transport Layer Security), others will provision their systems without any security. Regardless of how a company decides to work with Intel AMT, most will want to use the Remote KVM feature.  The paragraphs below provide the requirements for the various forms of connections and applicable viewers.

When implementing the KVM feature there are some things that developers will need to know in order for it all to work correctly.  This blog covers the ports that the Intel KVM feature is able to use along with which viewers can be used.  Depending on the chosen viewer and the chosen port (redirection or KVM) it is important to know how Intel AMT expects to authenticate with the KVM feature.  The matrix below provides a mapping of ports, viewers and authentication methods.

Notes of interest:

  • RFB Password is exactly 8 characters
  • Port 5900 does not use TLS (even if Intel AMT is provisioned to use TLS)
  • License is not required for Standard VNC Viewer - but it is required for the Intel AMT KVM enabled viewer
  • VNC Viewers supporting RFB 3.8 protocol must use the Intel KVM Proxy in order to use ports 16994 and 16995

Trouble Shooting Tips:

For Issues involving TLS, make sure the trusted root certificate has been installed on the system that is running the tools.

  1. Is Redirection Enabled (not just in the bios, but the listener as well)?
  2. Does it work with the KVM Control utility in the Intel AMT SDK?  (there may be bugs in some of the other tools.)
  3. In "System Properties"  are Remote Assistance connections enabled?

For more information about the Intel Remote Control KVM feature please see the Intel AMT Documentation.  To Download a current copy of the Intel AMT SDK, visit the Intel AMT SDK Download Page.

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