Gamescom 2012 – PC Gaming comes out swinging!

Gamescom 2012 – PC Gaming comes out swinging!

So… I just got back from GDC-Europe, and Gamescom. Both were fantastic events. My only regret is that I couldn’t stay a day or two longer.

For GDC-Europe the highlight for me was Victor Kisliy’s (CEO Keynote on the Free to Play business model. Definitely more to it than most people think and anyone debating on whether or not to get in on the Free to Play business model really should go check out his GDC talk.

For Gamescom the one thing that really, and I mean REALLY struck me, was that Consoles just didn’t really have a strong showing at all. I heard that Xbox was big last year with a booth; they weren’t even there this year. PS was present, and I’m not even sure I saw a Nintendo booth. My guess is that the big 3 Console Mfg’s are largely trying to fall back and regroup in an effort to go big next year. However; I believe it’s largely too late for them anyway. I mean…why bother when your business model has largely been turned inside out, and between PC’s and Mobile Devices any individual Consoles MFG’s Install base is a mere fraction of the size of either the PC and or Mobile devices? Sure… they can dongle off of a TV, or converge, but again, what’s the point? It’s too constrictive and too costly IMHO.

So what’s going on?

In short – the proverbial PC Gaming Djinni is out of the bottle. Most of this year’s show was all about PC Gaming, Web Gaming (Largely PC), and Mobile Gaming (More PC: Laptops, Tablets/Slates, & Smartphones etc.)! If you’ve never been to a Gamescom before I highly recommend it. It’s very much like E3 meets PAX. It was also a huge dose of reality, and a breath of fresh air, to see PC Gaming not just doing well, but thriving! It’s a bit sad to see PC Gaming not having the same traction in the US as it has in Europe; but I’m pretty confident that we’ll see that pendulum swing back in a very large way sooner than we all think.
Definitely go check out some of the show coverage.
Have a great weekend everyone!

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