App Show 30: AppMobi for AppUp Ultrabook apps

Bob and Daniel give us an early look at AppMobi App packaging solution for HTML5, now compatible with AppUp and Ultrabook devices.

AppMobi lets HTML5 developers package, optimize and test apps for multiple devices and stores. This is now available for AppUp, so you can use the AppMobi SDK and tool to test your app across multiple devices and see it running on an virtual device.

You can test various features like accelerometer and screen rotation. Once you are happy with the app experience for each device, including an Ultrabook, you can package your app for various stores including AppUp. Once done you can take you file and run it through the Intel AppUp encapsulator to create the MSI needed by AppUp.

In this video you can see the AppMobi interface in action and the steps needed to test and package your app for AppUp.

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Can you provide more info one exactly how you submit the binary from appMobi to the appUp encapsulator and how to get it in the store from there?

Looks interesting. Assuming the code is efficient, this could be a huge time-saving tool.

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