HTML5, Gardens and Playgrounds

Now, I would consider myself a geek, and despite my rather poor maths skills I do actually understand programming. This is, however, restricted primarily to Java and I’m keen to start playing around with HTML5! There are a number of great free resources as well as paid books that are around. My colleague in Germany, Monika, informed me that Intel have become involved with the website “Developer Garden”. The developer garden is a great idea and provides a way for developers to both save and make money! It allows developers to sell pre-built APIs and SDKs for other developers to use, thus saving time and also the possibility of a much better built piece of code. There are both free and paid blocks available, spread over all the main flavours of developer platforms.

This is a great opportunity for freelance or independent developers to expand their revenues, knowledge and repertoire. As I am trying to improve my HTML5 skills, I’ll be looking through the resources to see how many free APIs I can experiment with.

Now in my quest to learn more HTML5 I inevitably stumbled upon Intel’s HTML 5 “Playground” which is very much like an IDE. Coming from a Java /NetBeans background I much prefer having a pretty interface (something that colours different tags for example). I really like how the block lines of code are editable and provide an instant preview, wow, no need to compile like in Java! I still have a long way to go with HTML5, but I’m glad there are so many fantastic resources around to make the journey slightly less difficult.

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