Intel Business Client Community at IDF 2012 - Intel® vPro & Intel® SBA

Calling all Business Client software developers attending IDF 2012. September 11-13,  in San Francisco.

  The Business Client Community will be in attendance and would love to meet with you in person.  Kathy Farrel, Business Client Program Manager and I, Paul Steinberg, Business Client Community Manager, are busy setting up.  Intel Senior AE, Gael Hofemeir will be flying in Tuesday night.  Come by booth 944 to learn about opportunities and perhaps even win a Lenovo* Laptop with  Intel® vPro and  Intel® Small Business Advantage  pre-installed.

Kathy Farrel, Intel Business Client Program Manager, IDF 2012

If you are developing for small business without an IT infrastructure, come by to understand how the new Intel® Small Business Advantage (Intel® SBA) can help you develop maintenance and security applications for your customers and help get your products in front of them.

If you are developing for customers in enterprise IT managed environments, you'll find information on all the vPro technologies including the Intel® AMT Software Development Kit (Intel® AMT), Intel® Setup and Configuration Software (Intel® SCS),  the Manageability Developer Tool Kit and more.

Security is one of the foundations of any enterprise or small business application. Both Intel vPro and Intel SBA include support for Hardware assited security features.  Come by booth 944 to learn more about Intel® AES New Instructions (Intel® AES-NI),Intel® Secure Key, Intel® Trusted Execution Technology and more.

But wait, there's more!  Just in case the above enticemtnts were not enough to get you to come by and visit, we'll be giving away a laptop featuring an Intel® Core™ i5 processor and Intel® SBA technology.  You must answer a few questions about Intel's Business Client platforms to be eliglble for the drawing, but we're there to help you learn the answers to those questions!  

We look forward to seeing you.

Paul Steinberg, Intel Business Client Community Manager displaying the Grand (and only) prize.

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