The Next Intel Contra Costa Student Hackathon - IDF 2012

Well It has begun.  The next iteration of our student hackathons -this time in no less a location than the commodious halls of the San Francisco Moscone Center where IDF 2012 is in progress.

Professor Tom Murphy and the awesome students of Contra Costa College have arrived and we are psyching up for a five hour coding marathon.

The Intel IDF Contra Costa (awesome) hackathon team assembles.

As I'm sure all of you remember, the first Intel Student Hackathon was held at Conta Costa College in March of 2012.  At that event, the students took up the challenge of developing apps that would help middle school studnts learn basic algebra concepts.  All of the teams were able to deliver awesome, game-based apps.  Cool, right?

Wait, did I mention that none of the students had any previous HTML5 exeprience? And that they did this in 32 straight hours of coding?  And that this was not a R1 university but rather a community college?  Well, that was the case.  These guys and girls Rock.

Well, now that I have built them up, ley's see how they meet the challenge of today - take the apps they developed in March and extend them through making them touch aware.

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