- Upcoming Intel AMT Provisioning

In this blog, I want to talk about my latest upcoming feature for which should be coming out in a few weeks. I have a few special customers that want to use mesh along with Intel AMT. I think combining Intel AMT and a cloud service is just the way Intel AMT is going to go for most people in the not too distant future. Well, I wanted to try to add a full Intel AMT setup and provisioning server right into The idea is that you could start with a new machine, install the Mesh agent and then, would detect that Intel AMT is avaialble but not activated and make it easy activate Intel AMT and get it going.

One of the first tools I have been working on is a host based provisioning tool. It makes it easy to setup Intel AMT in "local" mode and works pretty well. Now, if you really want Intel AMT setup in "Remote" mode, things get a bit more complex. In local mode you need local user consent to perform, for examples, hardware VNC. This is ok for client machines, but for servers and embedded usages, we want "remote management" mode so we don't need the local user's consent (in many cases, there is simply no local user in front of these machines anyway).

Last night, I got my first machine provisionned in "Remote management" mode using my development system and a yet-to-be-released version of I am actualy improving the Director tool that is part of the OpenDTK so that this tool can be used both as a standalone tool or as my mesh provisioning server on I use ClickOnce technology to run a web application that creates a USB key for a provisioning record for Intel AMT, reboot the machine and magic!

More of this in future blogs. It's been quite exciting last night to see Intel AMT provision in this way.


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