Open Manageability Developer Tool Kit

Here is a funny story. Starting in 2006, I was the author of a set of open source Intel AMT tools that included "Commander", a very succesful set of tools designed with a few goals in mind:

  • Teaching people about Intel AMT,
  • Provide a debugging tool for developers,
  • Provide a large code base developer could freely use.
  • Provide a way to experiment with new Intel AMT usages.

A few weeks ago, I was given ownership of this tool set again. It's now called the "Open Source Manageability Tool Kit" but people around here just know it as the "DTK". I have been pushing out new versions of the DTK at a pretty good rate in the last few weeks, adding features, fixing bugs, etc.

You can now get the OpenMDTK at two places. The official Intel page here and my open source site here. Both sides have the same tools, but due to a bug in the Intel authoring software, I can't update the page right now, so it's stuck to an older version. Hopefully this will get fixed soon. Regardless, even if you download the older version, the automatic update system will kick-in and update you to the latest version.

I am working to merge the features of the the older Intel DTK with the Open DTK. So, it's not going to be a trade-off, users will get the best possible software. Some of the new features the OpenMDTK include:

  • Support for cloud management with full support for
  • Automatic update support. Will automaticaly check for new version and assist in the update.
  • Return of internalization support: English, French, Korean, Chinese, Japanese.
  • Return of all of the assistant tools like Director, Network Status, Network Traffic, etc.

The one thing I really wish I could do now to re-record a bunch of tutorial videos. I generally do it very quickly, but there are so many to do. Hopefuly over christmas break, I will have some time to work on that. The previous videos are still on the site but don't match the tools anymore.

Ok, last thing... I need feedback. If you use the tools, have comments, bug reports.... I want to hear from you. Below, a screen shot of the Manageability Commander tool, the most used tool in the DTK tool set.


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